The secret to get a good espresso is using freshly ground, high-quality Italian coffee. The coffee pad system is based on this very principle.
The ground coffee is enveloped in a filter made of biological food paper (pad). The pad, vacuum-packed with addition of nitrogen, is inserted into a single aluminium sachet.
This allows to perfectly preserve the original scent and taste of the coffee, irrespective of any changes in the environment microclimate

More cleanliness and hygiene

Users no longer have to waste time to remove the coffee leftovers from the base, the filter, the nozzle and the grid once preparation is over. They also no longer have to touch the coffee mix with their hands.

Less maintenance

The cleanliness which is intrinsic to the pad system also allows to drastically reduce the periodic cleaning of the espresso machine, required to ensure proper operation and preserve the beverage aroma.


The pad system is environment-friendly: each pad consists of about 7 grams of coffee and 0.2 grams of paper: two natural and environment-friendly products.

No waste

Coffee is perfectly dosed during the industrial process and sealed in the filter paper. As a consequence, product doesn’t risk to get wasted, as it generally happens when using ground coffee, due to overdosing or to product loss during handling.




Available in single and double dose, the mix included in our pads has been carefully studied to provide an excellent espresso, with a full and creamy taste


The high quality of the decaffeinated coffees used in the pads allows to get an espresso which is as creamy and rich as the normal espresso


An excellent, creamy barley


Selected teas from the best varieties. Available in the following flavours:
-Green tea
-Lemon tea
-Mint tea

cialde e accessori


The machines, of course, are not manufactured by us, but we have thoroughly tested them for optimum use with our pads. We have a wide range of models meeting different requirements: espresso only, espresso and steam for cappuccino; with 1, 2, or 3 units for 1 or 2 espressos, particularly designed with the catering sector in mind.

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Espresso Break Office

Espresso Break Gourmet

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Espresso Break Professional

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